Welcome at “IT export to South America”!

The Institute for Information Law i2r and the Language Centre of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Germany, addresses with this platform primarily small and medium-sized German IT-companies (SMEs) who want to enter the South American market.

Is your company successful on the German market?

Are you looking to break into the South American market but need existing distribution channels as well as comprehensive conceptual and individual consultancy?

The project of the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt provides all the support you need.

With e-connect this portal gives access to our South American distribution partners. Furthermore the consulting services and the seminar offered by the Institute for Information Law i2r, will help you in entering the South American market.


Project IT to South America
Institute for Information Law
Language Centre
Hochschule Darmstadt
Haardtring 100
64295 Darmstadt, Germany

Phone: +49 61 51 16 8737

Mobile: +49 171 123 0193

Fax: +49 61 51 16 89 25

Internet: http://suedamerika-it.h-da.de

Prof. Dr. Edith Rost Schaude

Dr. Ruth Tobias

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilmer
Email: thomas.wilmer@h-da.de



Recent Activities

2012 November
Participation in the German-Brazilian Lawyers Association Conference in Weimar

2012 October
Guest Seminar of Prof. Gilberto Martins de Almeida at the h_da:
“IT Contracts and International legal Environment: Brazil and South America”

2012 Summer Semester
Mariana Vilmondes / Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilmer, social and cultural law lecture:
Lecture “Social Medias and Freedom of Web: Political and legal developments”

2012 September
Participation in the German-Brazilian Business Days 2012 in Frankfurt/Main

2011 November
Participation in the LAI’s Latin America Conference, Berlin

2011 October/November
Prof. Gilberto Martins de Almeida / Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilmer, information law lecture
“International Licence Contracts and Localization US/Brazil/Germany”

2011 October
Prof. Gilberto Martins de Almeida, Information law day 2011 lecture (“International Legal Counseling”)
“Challenges and opportunities for cooperation between in-house and outside counsel in Brazil”

2011 July
Prof. Dr. Michael Ronellenfitsch (University Tuebingen, Data Protection officer of the State of Hesse) / Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilmer, joint seminar:
“Export of German data protection culture / data protection at the soccer world championship 2014”

2010 November 08
German-Brazilian Symposium on the cooperation options 2014/2016, part 3, Rio de Janeiro, Opening by the state minister of economic affairs of the state of hesse. 
“Symposium October 2010”


2010 May 3
Guest lecture of attorney-at-law Parvis Papoli-Baravati, “The Brazilian Legal System”, h-da


2010 March 26
German-Brazilian Symposium on the cooperation options 2014/2016, part 2, h_da, Darmstadt
“Symposium March 2010”


2010 March 08
German-Brazilian Symposium on the cooperation options 2014/2016, part 1, UERJ / Rio de Janeiro
“Symposium March 2010”


2010 January 27
Participation in the BMBF Latin America Roundtable


2009 December 04
Participation in the Latin America Day 2009, Hamburg


2009 September 09
Particiption in the BMBF Latin America Roundtable


2009/2010 Winter Semester
Semester Project “Licensing and Data Protection at the major events in Brazil 2014/2016”


2008  November 11
H_da research day lecture "the Brazil project – knowledge transfer and new markets“
Prof. Dr. Edith Rost-Schaude, Dr. Ruth Tobias, Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilmer


2008 June 06
Sérgio Cabral, Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, and Roland Koch, Governor of the State of Hesse, sign a Memorandum of Understanding re the scientific cooperation, including the further development of the h_da Brazil project.


2008 May 10 - 18
Participation in the 12-member-delegation of chancellor Angela Merkel to the EU-LA-summit and the visits of Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Mexico.

2008 April 03
Guest lecture Prof. Martins de Almeida „Brazilian licensing law“, h_da Darmstadt